Fill Protection

SS (Space Saver) Fragmentation Stations

Our Space Saver series offers great functionality in an ergonomically designed package. All of our fill stations have been 3rd party tested and meet or exceed NFPA 1901.

Model: SS Series Fill Station

Standard Features


Space Saver Fill Stations

Model Cylinders Pneumatic/Manual Dual/Single Pressure
SS-2MS 2 Manual Single
SS-2MD 2 Manual Dual
SS-2PS 2 Pneumatic Single
SS-2PD 2 Pneumatic Dual
SS-3PS 3 Pneumatic Single
SS-3PD 3 Pneumatic Dual
SS-4PS 4 Pneumatic Single
SS-4PD 4 Pneumatic Dual
SS-5PS 5 Pneumatic Single
SS-5PD 5 Pneumatic Dual

Model Weight Dimensions
SS-2 560lbs 26”W x 25”D x 59”H
SS-3 600lbs 40”W x 25”D x 59”H
SS-4 670lbs 53”W x 25”D x 59”H
SS-4 750lbs 53”W x 25”D x 59”H