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Irwin Air Ltd. has designed and built compressor systems and provided field service throughout British Columbia for over 30 years. We are expanding across Canada.

We specialize in a single product line, Breathing Air Compressor Systems, which include Compressors, Fill Stations, Control Panels and Cylinders. We specialize in custom systems and installations, including on site training for your staff and scheduled field service of your system.

We sell and service breathing air systems for a variety of industrial and institutional customers throughout Western Canada.

In addition to over 150 fire departments our customers include: Ferries Corporations, Coast Guard, Marine Station, Pulp and Paper Mills, Mining, Contract Divers, Fire Apparatus Manufacturers, Dive Shops, Industrial Safety Companies, and Police Dive Teams. Our reputation has been built on our ongoing commitment to customer service.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our products.